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Address Book - Quick Navigate

1.29 usd

Address Book allows you to quickly navigate to a stored address! You can import your contact addresses and names into Address Book from your contacts and quickly pull up navigation by tapping the address. Address Book can be password protected and there are multiple sorting options.The intent for Address Book was to create an app that, after opening, it only takes one tap to pull up navigation. I found myself navigating somewhere I had never been and I would have to type my address in to navigate home so I decided I needed an app for that.
In Address Book, a quick tap on the address takes you straight to navigation, while a long tap/hold will allow you to edit or delete the address.
Features:-Import contacts stored on your device.-Get to navigation or maps quickly.-Password protect your addresses.-Sort options.-Quick filtering
If you are looking for an app to store additional information (phone numbers, email addresses, websites, and more), please check out my other app called Ultimate Address Book.
I take pride in my apps and I'm always here to answer questions. I usually get back to people within 24 hours.